Flyvpn Promotion on May Day 2013

Flyvpn launched May day promotion 2013. Are you exciting? 

This is the best chance for you to free acquire flyvpn premium account only by taking part in flyvpn facebook page discussion.

The first prize: flyvpn premium account for 30 days----5 people
The second prize: flyvpn premium account for 15 days----10 people
The third prize prize:   flyvpn premium account for 7 days----15 people

Facebook discussion will to be on: April 26, 2013 to May 5, 2013. Click here for details: http://www.flyvpn.com/FlyVPN-Promotions-on-International-Labors-Day-2013.html
This is one part of  flyvpn promotion on May Day 2013. There are other two parts.
For regular customers, you can  get 50% off .
For new customers,  you can get almost 25% off.

The chance will never come again, why not become flyvpn members now: http://www.flyvpn.com/purchase

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Play Injustice: Gods Among Us on iPhone and iPad

Injustice: Gods Among Us  is availible on iphone and ipad. We can download the newest version 1.0.2 on  APP store totally for free. Developed from the ground up by award-winning NetherRealm Studios, this mobile game delivers stunning graphics and a completely unique fighting gameplay experience.

Play Injustice on iphone and ipad
Play Injustice on iphone and ipad

This game will also be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 from April 16. You still have to wait 3 more day if you are living in Europe. Nevertheless, you can use the best usa vpn to unlock the game earlier by connect ps3 or xbox to vpn. If you don’t know how to connect, please click here for: How to Setup vpn for Xbox or PS3 Using Laptop or PC

Play Injustice on ps3 and xbox360
Play Injustice on ps3 and xbox360

You have to pay attention to the following points:
1.  Connect one free usa vpn server  to  computer first. The ip will be changed to usa ip.
2. Connect PS3 or Xbox360 to PC for sharing the usa network. During the procedure, you need to fill in the ip of the PC before changed on PS3 or Xbox360. Otherwise, the network wouldn’t be shared successfully.
Open Injustice: Gods Among Us, you can unlock and play the game now. This is a good way to unlock game with geographic distinctions. Have you learnt it?

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Best Android VPN for Accessing Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and twitter are two of the world's popular social websites.The moblile users are not in minority. Wherea, some countries as China, Iran and North Korea have blocked them for some unknown reasons. Actually, unblocking facebook and twitter is not a hard task.The best android vpn can make it done.

best android vpn for accessing facebookbest android vpn for accessing twitter

If you are interest to access facebook and twitter, you can refer to my last blog on how to Setup VPN on Android.   
You can use just free account or order one by registering your own account.The free account can be used only three times per day and every time 20 mimutes.I prefer to the latter one because the premimum account offers more servers for selecting which may be more stable than free account. I believe no one would like to connect it again and again every time it broke up. 

PS: Any one that register and order through my invitation link can get 20% off: http://www.flyvpn.com/?voucher=ee22132406d211e2911c002354a225e2

In this way, you can access not only facebook and twitter on your mobile phone, but also any website blocked in your country.

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How to Setup VPN on Android?

It's more and more popular to surf the Internet on cellphone. To protect our privacy, we have to know about how to setup vpn on android
First we have to make sure the vpn can be applied to android since there are some vpns don't compatible with android.
Then we need to garantee the vpn is fast and stable. No one, i guess, would like to setup again and again.

Open on your phone accordingly: MENU/Settings/Wireless & network/VPN settings/ Add VPN/Add PPTP VPN

android vpn setup tutorial1

android vpn setup tutorial2

android vpn setup tutorial3
android vpn setup tutorial4

We can get free android vpn account here: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial
The username and password are listed there. 

android vpn setup tutorial5

android vpn setup tutorial6

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Getting Free Line stickers by Changing to Spain IP

Good news for people who love to play Line. To celebrate 10 million Line users in Spain, users can get two new Line Stickers(5th April-11th April) in Spain.They are "Cony Special Edition" and "Special diet of Moon".

This activity will end on 11th April, please grab this opportunity.This activity is only available for users with Spain ip. If you are residing outside of Spain, the simplest way is to change your ip into Spain ip to get free Line sticker . What you need is free VPN or proxy. But i know that proxy can’t be applied on phone or other devices. Also Line users only can use iPhone,iPad,iPod and Android phone. So the first thing you have to do is  knowing how to set flyvpn on your smartphone.

Free line stickers in Spain
Free line stikers in Spain

Are you eager to get the above stickers? Follow me,

Free Spain VPN Server is:
If you are android users,here is the detailed tutorial with pictures: http://www.flyvpn.com/How-to-setup-VPN-on-Android.html#.UWJurjcUHQk

After you connect spain vpn successfully, open sticker store then find the two stickers and download them. If it occurred "authentication failed" when you try to set flyvpn on your iphone, please first make sure the vpn account was offline from computer because one account can't be used both on computer and phone.

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