How to Setup VPN on Android?

It's more and more popular to surf the Internet on cellphone. To protect our privacy, we have to know about how to setup vpn on android
First we have to make sure the vpn can be applied to android since there are some vpns don't compatible with android.
Then we need to garantee the vpn is fast and stable. No one, i guess, would like to setup again and again.

Open on your phone accordingly: MENU/Settings/Wireless & network/VPN settings/ Add VPN/Add PPTP VPN

android vpn setup tutorial1

android vpn setup tutorial2

android vpn setup tutorial3
android vpn setup tutorial4

We can get free android vpn account here: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial
The username and password are listed there. 

android vpn setup tutorial5

android vpn setup tutorial6

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